Sunday, November 27, 2011

Campbells Baptism

Campbell got baptized today! We are so proud of him and his sister. They both did so well during mass and then during the baptism. I don't remember it taking that long though other times I have seen baptisms but it didn't matter. Andrew was such a proud God parent. It really made me proud of my brother for taking this so seriously, which he really does. I know I'm using the word proud a lot, but that is just how I felt today. Here are some pics from today.

BirchLane photography is going strong still. I had another photo shoot today out in Kansas with one of the Family's from my center. I'm hoping they turned out good enough that she will show them off and talk me up to her neighbors and church friends so I can get some extra work!

Also, quick shout out to my best friend Leah for getting an amazing job! I can't think of anyone that deserves it more!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Time is Here!

I LOVE Christmas time! I love the decorations, the weather, the people (that are actually in a good mood). I actually put up my Christmas tree before Thanksgiving this year. I just couldn't help myself. It makes me happy.
Thanksgiving was awesome this year. Thursday morning, my brother, my Dad, his wife Denise and I ran/walked the Turkey Trot in Parkville. I think this is going to start being an annual thing we do which is great. Hopefully by next year, I will be able to run the whole 5K without stopping. Dave took the kids out to eat with his Dad and their family during the Trot. Later that night, we went to my Moms for Thanksgiving dinner with the Ryan family. Always a good time. Friday morning, Andrew and I went for a short run before heading out to my Dad and Denises house for the day. Dad made a delicious steak soup and my personal fav. ceasar salad! Then Denise and I went shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods for some winter running stuff for me! I am really excited for it to get cold and to try out all my awesome running stuff. The last family thing we do this weekend will be Campbells baptism on Sunday. Look for pics!

My Little Eskimo

At school, as long as it's over 28 degrees, we go outside. So I have been bundling up Emery a little extra because I don't want her to get sick. I had my camera with me the other day and she just looked so cute, I couldn't help but snap a picture.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Welp, I turned 27 today. And it was no different than any other day really. I went to work this morning but then Emery got a fever so I was sent home with her. I picked up Campbell along the way because he has an ear infection and I knew he was uncomfortable. So I was home with both kids. A bit of a perk though, my mom and step-dad came home from vacation and stopped by the house and took Emery for the afternoon. So I had the chance to clean the house up and address some X-Mas cards, thats right, I'm early. Dave's Dad took us out to eat tonight for my Birthday at Corner Cafe. Yum! I got the Corner Melt which I never get because it's so bad for you. And I got a piece of Platte County Pie for dessert. In the middle of dinner though, Campbells ears started hurting, so we had to cut dinner short to get him home. Dave bought me some beautiful flowers today too.

So really, not too bad of a birthday. I actually could not have pictured a better one.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Don't Have an Ego, I Just Have Beautiful Babies

Huge thanks to my friend Kinsi Walker for taking these beautiful pics of Campbell when he was 4 weeks old. If you are interested in getting pictures taken by her, you can find her website here. I'm not crazy for putting her on here when I'm trying to start up my own thing. She is a good friend who has helped me out a lot so I help her when I can. Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Simply Impressed

I have just had the best Christmas Card ordering experience ever.

I bought a thing off LivingSocial. I paid $15 for $40 worth of greeting cards from

Of course I checked out the sight first to make sure I would like the cards they had, and I loved all of them! So this was def. the deal for me. I made my cards on Wednesday and ordered them, only paid $8.00 in shipping, and they arrived today!! (Saturday)! Not only did they arrive so soon, but just look at how they arrived! It was like opening a little present for myself. I am so impressed with this site, they have my business next year as well.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holiday Trash Talk

To get you up to speed on this, let me give you a little backround before I start showing what was said. I told my family I was going to do the Fun Run/Walk at the Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving. My Dad and his wife Denise wanted to walk too because Dad said he was not quite ready for a 5K yet. My brother Andrew then wanted to join us. But he wants to run the 5K. He tried to get my Dad to run it too, but Dad declined his offer and came up with other here ya go....(this is all in e-mail between Dad, Denise, Andrew and me.)

MeOk, I'm walking too. We can wave at Andrew as he passes by us.

DadOr maybe we need to have a ‘little pre-race party’ at our house Wednesday evening,     think shots but don’t say anything.....

AndrewMake sure you guys get a nice look at my butt before it gets too far ahead of you. And no cheating by getting me drunk the night before! 

DeniseSounds like a plan.

DadDamn Erin can’t keep her mouth shut...haha...Jim Beam shots anyone?

MeI didn't say anything Dad! Are you sure this e-mail isn't going to Andrew too?

DadHope so

DeniseI’m thinking we need to get Steve Kiley involved…..his shots knocked made Tom Jorgenson miss Christmas!

AndrewI'm locking my door the night of the 23rd

DeniseOh please…..we have ways…….

DadI love holiday trash talk, can't wait

Me: I have to blog this..

"Like" Me

This morning I created a Facebook Fan page for BirchLane Photography. Check it out, along with some of the pictures I'v gotten to take so far, and "Like" me. You can find my page here.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Im A Busy Lady Okay!

Sorry I have not posted in awhile. This past week and weekend were packed with sick kids, conferences, and photoshoots. But I have a little time now so I wanted to share some of everything. 

Emery was "sick" for awhile. I quote "sick" because she never acted like she was. Tuesday she got sent home with a fever. She was acting like herself though the rest of the night and the next day. Wednesday night however, she threw up in bed. All day Thursday, she was herself, eating, jumping on her trampoline, ect...Again last night, Emery threw up in bed. But this time I didn't say anything to daycare because I needed to work, Dave needed to work, and I honestly think she just ate something funny.

I got to meet my brothers girlfriend last night. Her name is Katie and she is from Georgia. I really liked her. I'm glad too because I think sometimes I'm protective of Andrew and am quick to judge his girlfriends. Though I will say, I was dead on with one of them....but I won't go in to detail with it. Anyway, she's so cute with her little Georgia accent and red hair. 

I also had my first photo shoot with BirchLane Photography. Luckily, the photo shoot was for my friend Laura so there was a little bit of pressure there but was also a little more comfortable. We went to Loose Park in the afternoon and everyone did wonderful. I still have a lot to learn though. Sometimes I wish that I would have gotten the more expensive camera that I wanted, I think I just have more to work with with the camera I already have. So, anyway, here is a little sneak peak at the photos we took.