Friday, June 29, 2012


I know, I have not posted in awhile. But, even though I have not posted, I have been keeping up with my runs. So anyway, decided to take a quick break. Here is what has been going on though with my runs, then we'll get to family.

Last Tuesday I ran Week 7 Day 1. I did it, not problems, except for this HUGE black bug that kept circling around me towards the end. It would just go around and around me and sometimes hit me, which is not cool! I don't like bugs at all! So I sped up thinking I could outrun the little bastard. He kept up, so I started waving my arms around like a crazy person, while running, trying to get rid of it. After a little while, it finally went away, but it was SO annoying!

So Thursday would have been my next run day, but we have started this new summer tradition of going to Zona Rosa on Thursdays and sitting in the square to listen to the band play their music. The kids have fun, and it's just a fun, easy, and cheap way to get out of the house. Needless to say, I didn't run Thursday night. So Friday night, I had all intentions of running, but I didn't. I don't remember why though. And then Saturday and Sunday were filled with swimming and going over to families to eat. So FINALLY on Monday after work, I laced up and headed to Parkville. It was hot out, but I had drank water ALL day and eaten really well, so I wasn't too worried. Plus, Dave and the kids came with me to walk around the track and play on the playground. So I knew that if I keeled over from heat exhaustion, someone would at least be looking for me. 

I went ahead and re-ran Week 7 Day 1 because I didn't eat all that great over the weekend and it had almost been a whole week since I had last ran, so I didn't think I could handle Day 2 of Week 7. Well, I was wrong, because after my 5min warm up walk, I jogged for 15min. After the 15min jog, the little voice told me to walk for 2min. But I didn't stop to walk, I wanted to see if I could keep going. So I did. And after 2 min., the voice told me to start running again for 5 more min. So I just continued my run. I ended up passing Dave and the kids on the path right at my 1min till the end mark. I later asked Dave how I looked when running. He said I started out looking great, like a was a real runner or something (lol I put that part in myself), but when I passed them in the end, he said I looked like I was ready to be done. Ha, so true and I could feel myself getting tired. But hey, I did it. Ran 22min without stopping. Now I kinda wish I had gone on to Day 2, but it doesn't really matter. Tonight I will run Day 2. Warmup 5 minutes, then jog 20 minutes, walk 2 minutes, then run for 1 minute. Since that last party doesn't say jog, it actually says to run, I'm guessing it will be a full out sprint for me, which is prob a normal persons jog, but it will be fast for me.

The Color Run 5K is this weekend out at the stadiums. I wish I was ready for it. That is a 5K that really sounds like a lot of fun. I am still aiming for The Glow Run 5K July 14th, but their facebook page says that there are not many spots left to register for, and with me just not being sure if I could make the whole thing, I may end up needing to skip it and try for a different one. The Zoo one is out for me as well in September, Bachelorette party at Tablerock Lake that weekend. Sooo....there is the Jingle in July 5K on the 29th that I may set my sights on now. And if not that one, well, there are lots of 5K's. I'll find one that will "break my seal" and then, like everyone says, I hope to be addicted to them!

Okay on to family stuff. Campbell is doing all sorts of stuff. Clapping, waving, climbing, saying Mama and Dada. He's also standing on his own now too, but no steps yet.

We have been saying goodbye to an 8:00pm bedtime for Emery this summer. There is just so much fun stuff to do this summer and it's too hot to do it during the day so we have to wait till night. As long as she is in bed by 10pm at the latest then she isn't too bad the next day. We have been swimming a lot at night and going to concerts at Zona Rosa. She has been lots of fun so far this summer. Hopefully my next post I'll have more pics of the kids.

Maternity Photoshoot with BirchLane Photography

I got the opportunity to take pictures of my beautiful cousin Kate today. She is due any minuet with baby Evelyn and let me practice maternity pictures on her. It's easy when you have such a nice round belly to work with =) Here are some of my faves.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Life Gets Crazy

 Things have been getting a little crazy this summer in the Wear household. I finally have said goodbye to sticking to a bedtime and hello to fun family time after hours. We were lucky enough to get tickets to a Royals game last week. We left Campbell with my cousin (Thanks Kate) and headed off to the game with Emery. She had SO MUCH FUN! Our seats were wonderful and the weather could not have been any nicer. After watching 6 innings, we decided to walk around the new K. Emery had fun in the Kid Zone, and Dave and I had fun finally getting to spend some time together without a 9 month old attached to one of us.
 Emery and Dave
 Emery watching the game

Another thing we have been loving this summer is Jazz in the square at Zona Rosa on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The music is always great and Emery gets to play in the fountains. We always just bring a blanket, towel for Emery, and a cooler with whatever and chill out. It's the perfect way to spend an evening together.

Oh, and did I tell you have have a stander???

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Picking a 5K

I am super proud of myself for sticking with my runs so well. I have been running if not every other day, then every other other day =) And the goal of running my first 5K is actually starting to become a reality. But now to choose which one. Kansas City has so many fun 5K's. I googled Kansas City 5K's and it suggested this page which was great! But now to figure out which one to attempt. There is a Glow Run 5K in July that is at night with tons of glow sticks! Rock the Crossroads is also in July which is a night run and sounds fun. The Farmstead Stampede is at the Deanna Rose Farm and is for them and is in August. September is the Broadway Bridge 5K which I really would like to do AND the Zoo run. October has tons of fun Halloween 5K's through graveyards and stuff which sounds like fun. I honestly think that I will be ready for a 5K in August or possibly even July. So I think I may keep my eyes on the Glow Run which is located in River Market in Downtown KC on July 14th. There I said it, so that will be my goal.

Now on to a little rant about running and then I'm done. So on my runs I have been using my Nike+ with my iPod and the sensor thing in my shoe. Most every time recently after my runs, it's been telling me that I have been running 2+ miles. And after this last run I had on Tuesday when it said I had run 2.12 miles I was thinking, heck ya, I'm only about a mile away from a 5K this is great! Then I decided to make sure that my sensor was tracking me correctly so I drove my car around the same route I took. And you know what it said? 1.8 miles! Ugh! That sucks! So now I have to recalibrate my sensor so it's more accurate and I can start feeling good about my runs again when I hit that 2 miles. And, just for giggles, I drove the same route in Dave's car to see if there was much difference. Nope.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Work? What? What's That?

This week has been so out of my normal routine! Normally I could care less about staying on a certain schedule, but when I'm trying to run every other day and write down everything I intake, getting out of the swing of things can be rough. Here's the situation...

Monday, Memorial Day. I was off with the whole family. When I'm not at work, I don't write down what I eat because I have two kids that are constantly wanting my attention. And I give it to them. So since I'm most likely not eating right, my body says, "No Erin, don't run today. Run tomorrow." And I say, "Okay".

Tuesday, back to work for most people. But not me! It's my scheduled day off. But since schools and daycares were closed on Mondays and I pay for my kids to attend 4 days a week, they both went to their places, and I went to Parkville for a run. And it was a little hard, okay a lotta hard. But whatever, I did it and felt good afterward.

Wednesday, back to work for ME! I was super excited to see my kids after being gone for 4 days and the last time I saw them they had all just graduated! Wednesday was pretty typical at work, nothing out of the ordinary. But then at 5:00pm, 30 min. before I leave to get Campbell, my classroom phone rings. It's Campbells school and he has a fever of 102. Great. So I wait for Dave to pick me up (because we carpool to save on gas) and ask if he can take tomorrow off to watch Camp. Of course I already knew the answer. They are super low at his work and he is training some new guys. My mom and husband were out of town too or else that would have been my next option. But alas, I had to call up to work and let them know that I wouldn't be coming in on Thursday. Ug!

Thursday, operation find out what's wrong with Campbell. He has a fever, runny nose, and horse coughing kinda. My bet was strep. I got a nice early appointment only to find out of course, it's some virus. He throat is swollen though but they tested for strep, negs. No ear infection and no blisters on his body for hand, foot and mouth. Usually with a virus I hear, "It's just some virus going around. Keep his fever down and plenty of rest and fluids. Call us if dah dah dah." Okay, thank you. At least I had peace of mind. So Campbell is pretty lax all day. Plays a little, gets some meds, eats some, sleeps lots, repeat. Around 3pm I ran out of infant motrin, so I switch to tylenol. Fever goes up to 104 degrees, under his arm, WITHOUT adding a degree. I was freaking out! First, of course, I call my mom. She is over at my house in like 2 min. and starts getting cool wash cloths and putting them all over his body. I'm not sure even how long he just layed in my arms letting us put these cool cloths all over him, but it seemed like forever. FINALLY, after lots of advise from FB friends and a call the Children's Mercy Nurse Line, his fever is starting to go down and he is starting to move again. Thank goodness. But of course, I wasn't going to take him back to daycare on Friday, so here we are again, trying to figure out who can stay home with him. Dave was not an option with so much stuff going on at work. I was not an option, working only one day so far this week and already knowing that we were low staffed. Thank goodness my Mom had come back in town the night before. And of course, she was more than happy to watch him. Here is a little picture of my poor baby Campbell with all those cloths all over him.

Even sick as a dog he is still so precious!

Friday, WORK! Hello Kids! Hello Ms. Laura (my oh so positive co-teacher). Work went well. It was nice to spend time with the kids again AND be able to get all the June newletter stuff out on time. I was in such a great mood all day, I was actually looking forward to a run that night. After work, I picked up Campbell who seemed to be doing much better and headed home for some quick dinners so we could all go to the park. Of course, Campbell had to take a quick nap right after dinner, so Emmie and I went on a walk around the neighborhood where I was pretty sure I smelled some leaking gas. So I called the gas company to report a possible leak. Well by the time I got a hold of someone, I was already on the other side of the neighborhood and the guy wanted an exact address of where the leak was. So Emery and I speed walked home, I dropped her with Dave and an awake Campbell, then ran down to the house I smelled the gas at and gave the rude man the address. When I got home, we were all ready to hit the park. Dave played with the kids while I did my Week 5 Day 2 of my Couch to 5K program. It was so nice! I kinda wish it wasn't an every other day running program.

But anyway, so I worked a solid 20 hours this week which sucks, but Campbell I feel is on the mend and I'm back into my running routine. Hopefully all goes well this weekend and I can wake up early enough on Sunday to get a run in before 12:00 mass, then Emery's baptism afterward, and then a 2:00 baby shower for my cousin. We'll see.